Above headline is wrapped in an experiment. The possible outcomes are the following with varying colors. Each of the headlines can be any of any of the colors shown below.

  • Headline variant 1
  • Headline variant 2
  • Headline variant 3
  • Headline variant 4

Once you visit this page a variant will be chosen (client-side) and the value set will be set in a cookie. This makes sure that your subsequent visits will show you the same outcome. If you want to re-roll the outcome you can simply remove the cookie and revisit the page.

You can also turn on the debug settings by adding `debugAB=true` as URL parameter to the URL. This gives you buttons at the bottom of the page which allow you to change to specific variants of the experiment(s). You can also remove the cookie for an experiment using the debug options (x-icon on the options page).

Once the cookie has been set it is available server-side. This allows us to pre-render the chosen variant on the server-side. Giving the user a faster first-meaningful-paint upon subsequent visits. You can check this fact by opening the source of this page.